5 Thanksgiving Turkey Frying Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

5 Thanksgiving Turkey Frying Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make


Once you fry your Thanksgiving turkey, you’ll never go back to an oven bird again! The meat is moist, the flavor unmatched and it leaves the oven open to cook other favorites. But, you need to be prepared. Here are the five most embarrassing turkey frying mistakes people make and how to avoid them. 

  1. Run out of propane - don’t laugh, it happens every year. Don’t let it happen to you. Fill your propane tank today!
  1. Not enough oil - you don’t want to be short on oil so go to your LoCo dealer and buy some of our amazing peanut oil. You’ll be glad you did!
  1. Wrong size turkey - who knows what the turkey selection might be this year if you wait? Buy your turkey early to get the bird you want. 
  1. Untested recipe - pick up an injector along with marinade and seasonings of choice now and try them on a whole chicken (see #5).
  1. Didn’t do a test run - if anything can go wrong it will go wrong on Thanksgiving Day. That’s why you should buy a whole chicken and fry it up this weekend (cook 3 mins per lb). This allows you to make sure everything is in working order (propane tank, cooker, etc.), your recipe is good, and that you are in practice.

Let us know how it goes! Send pics and comments to customerservice@lococookers.com

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