How to Make the Ultimate MOIST Turkey This Fall

How to Make the Ultimate MOIST Turkey This Fall


Fall is officially underway y’all! Even if it doesn’t feel like it outside – we feel you, dwellers of the South! But no matter where you live, we’ve got you covered this season for outdoor cooking. LoCo Cookers and accessories are the best way to create a moist turkey this fall. Keep the party going for longer when you can eat outside, enjoy the big game with snacks, and more.

Our high-quality cookers are designed to help you celebrate time and time again. From prep mode to ready-to-serve, we’ve got the tools you need to get the job done, and to provide a delicious meal every step of the way. Including a deliciously moist turkey for Thanksgiving, or any time a turkey sounds like a tasty treat.

Focus on enjoying time with your guests and have a cold one! We’ll take care of the rest. Including helping you create your moist, tasty bird.

Cooking a turkey that’s as moist as it is delicious isn’t rocket science, it’s the art of outdoor cooking.

Start with a bird that’s well seasoned, inside and out. This will not only make it delicious but allow the juices to sink in deep. Inject marinade deep into your bird with LoCo’s stainless steel injector to place your favorite marinade down into the meat. No need to worry about breaking a plastic needle or if you’ve got the right amount of flavor into the bird.

In fact, we call this our “secret weapon.” It’s that great at helping you create the best, most moist meat yet!

You can get perfect placement every time with LoCo’s stainless steel injector setup. All you need is the marinade to get rolling on your perfectly seasoned turkey. In solving the dilemma on how to get all the juicy flavor inside your turkey, look no further. The mystery has been solved.


It’s no surprise that over-cooking a bird can cause it to dry out. Don’t create a dry, tough-to-chew turkey for your big day. Instead, ensure that you’re cooking your bird to the exact temp to leave it as moist as possible.

Cook your turkey to the exact temperature you’re after with the help of LoCo’s thermometer. Heavy-duty and made to withstand the heat, this thing will get the job done to perfection. Know exactly how hot you’re cooking your turkey from the inside out. This is one of the most accurate ways to cook your way to the best turkey yet. 

Did you know there’s an art to letting meat “rest” once it’s cooked? Doing so allows all the juices to sink in deep, rather than immediately draining as you cut in. After removing your turkey from your LoCo fryer, let it sit for about 10 minutes to create a moist, flavorful turkey all around.

Ready to get started cooking your moist turkey this fall? We’ve got you covered.

Fry with LoCo Cookers today! Show us the bird!

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