It's Crawfish Season - LoCo Makes it Easy!

It's Crawfish Season - LoCo Makes it Easy!


You know what time it is - Crawfish Season! If you’re like us you have been waiting all winter for this! So get your crawfish season off to a great start with a new LoCo Cookers Boiling Kit! 

Why LoCo? Because it’s not just a business, it’s a lifestyle for us. We’re simple people from East Texas and South Alabama who appreciate the finer things in life. In everything we do, whether it’s work or play, excellence is our standard. What better way to enjoy your family and friends than around a hot and steaming pot of crawfish?! 

LoCo offers a wide range of pot sizes and for your big boy crawfish boils check out our Cart Boilers, they are sure to feed the whole crowd!

Our Boiling Kits make the setup quick! You can open our box and have your crawfish boiling in about 20 minutes! Cook Faster. Party Longer! LoCo Surespark units eliminate the need for matches or lighters. With just the push of a button and your LoCo Surespark unit is ready to do the hard work!

No matter what you want to boil, our heavy-duty boiling kits and cart boilers can handle your seafood cravings! 

When deciding which size of cooker would best suit your needs there are a few items to consider. 

  • How many people will you be cooking for?
  • What is your price range for the new cooker?

Boiling Kits - Powerful stainless steel double jet burners heat up quickly, so you can get cooking and back to the party. While these burners crank up the heat fast, they are also high quality for long-lasting use.

Cart Boilers - Crawfish Boiler’s unique patent-pending V-shaped QuickBoil Pot, SureSpark™ Ignition switch, and dual jet burners quickly bring water to a boil, so you can cook up a party for up to 15 of your closest friends (and a few strangers) in a snap.


  1. Dress for Expansion - After indulging in crawfish and other foods you will want to sit back and rest, and we know we do not want tight-fitting jeans!
  2. Dress for Mess - Crawfish are juicy and will be down the front of your outfit. Bibs are for babies, not Crawfish eating adults!
  3. Drink the Spice Away - Keep your favorite beverage nearby and lots of it. Crawfish boils are a Southern tradition and “Southern” means spicey in this case. You will have lips of fire be grateful for the abundance of water or beverage to help calm the burn.
  4. Select with Skill - There is an art to selecting good-tasting, juicy Crawfish. Select a large, curved tail crawfish. Large means more meat and a curved tail means your crawfish was fresh going into the boil. Chefs typically sort out “bad” or dead crawfish during the rinsing process, but some may get missed. A straight tail means it was missed and is not for eating.
  5. Eat like a Pro - Examine the crawfish, find where the head and tail meet; push them together and twist. This will separate the head from the tail. “Crawfish Butter” or the head juice can be sucked from the head at this point and it’s full of flavor! Let’s get to the meat! Peel the first ring of tail shell and remove to expose crawfish meat. Once the meat is exposed, you can pinch its tail and pull it from the shell with your finger or teeth!
  6. Remove the Fish Odor - After a boil, leave the aroma behind by rubbing a slice of lemon in your palms.

Check Out These Tutorial Videos from Our Brand Ambassadors

Grab your new boiling kit today! Cook Faster. Party Longer!

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