LoCo Turkey Fryers Are Safe and Easy to Use!

LoCo Turkey Fryers Are Safe and Easy to Use!


We Build Safety into LoCo Turkey Fryers!

At LoCo, we have gone to great lengths to create turkey fryers that offer user-friendly functionality. Safety-oriented features and multiple patented technologies are the result of more than 25 years of collective experience in the industry, and extensive research.

We don’t settle for “good enough” and believe that you shouldn’t either. We build products with you min mind, with a focus on functionality and safety.


SureSpark Electric Ignition – Light your fryer without the need for matches. Safely heat your fryer pot with the push of a button, thanks to this patented technology.

SmartTemp Control – Monitor oil temperature and prevent overheating. This tech also eliminates the need to reset a timer every 15 minutes.

Twist and Drain – This patent-pending system allows for hands-free draining. Remove oil from your turkey and keep a safe distance from the hot oil. 

With high-quality products and features like these, you can quickly and safely make a mouth-watering turkey for your Thanksgiving Day gathering! 

Learn more about improving your next Thanksgiving cooking venture – and the perfect deep-fried turkey – by watching our how-to YouTube series.

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