Use These LoCo Accessories to Enhance Your Frying

Use These LoCo Accessories to Enhance Your Frying


It’s finally Fall Y’all! Whether it actually feels cooler in your area or not we’ve got you covered this outdoor cooking season. LoCo Cookers accessories are a great addition to your cooking gear and keep the party going longer! Our quality cooking accessories are designed to withstand celebration after celebration; and from prep to table, we’ve got boiling, frying – and any other cooking accessory you can think of – to make your life easier – so you can focus on enjoying time with your guests and having a cold one!

Here’s a list of some of our best fryer accessories and how they can help enhance your fryer experience this fall!


With these quality gloves, you’ll be looking great while being safe this turkey fryer season! The LoCo Leather Glove protects your lower arm and hand from heat when frying or handling cooking utensils near heat. Shop this turkey fryer accessory today!


This LoCo Cookers accessory is sure to make any backyard gathering more fun! Serve up a feast on the LoCo Party Platter. These quality plastic platters are a deep 1.5″ with a lip that holds everything from your main course to all the fixin’s. You and your crew can serve up your favorite outdoor meals anywhere without worrying about breaking grandma’s nice dishes. When the party’s over, these LoCo Cookers platters clean up quickly with soap and water. 


With this turkey fryer accessory, you can easily infuse your turkey and other meats with flavor and juiciness with this durable, stainless-steel marinade injector. Built to last with one open-end needle it is ideal for injecting thicker marinades or sauces while the closed-end needle evenly distributes thinner brines and liquids throughout your food. Perfect to keep your turkey juicy this fall without the hassle! LoCo Cookers products outlast the party with durable stainless-steel and are quick to disassemble. Might be one of our best turkey fryer accessories and secret weapon!


The LoCo Cookers fam is all about making cooking fun and easy! With this stainless-steel folding turkey stand and hook, you can fold away for easy storage when you’re not frying up your turkey this fall. Works well with all propane turkey fryers and is the ultimate turkey fryer accessory!


The LoCo Thermometer is an extra-long 12″ stem, with a built-in clip, and easy-to-read dial for fool-proof temp reading all turkey season long! Like all of the LoCo Cookers’ quality cooking accessories, this thermometer is constructed with stainless-steel and washes up quickly. Don’t get your turkey temps wrong this year and add this fryer accessory to your kitchen tools today!

Looking to step up your turkey frying game this fall season? Look no further! LoCo Cookers quality cooking accessories are built to last with high-quality stainless-steel and sturdy hard plastics. 

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