Crawfish Cart Boilers

Ready to Kick Your Crawfish Boil Up a Notch?

It’s time for the LoCo Crawfish Cart Boiler.

Powerful dual jet burners and a unique patent pending V-shaped QuickBoil Pot get you cooking faster while the handy 3-position strainer basket simplifies draining and serving. Available in 150 and 90 qt sizes, all options feature an ingenious patent pending All-Access Chute to reduce splashing and heat loss when adding spices. When it’s time to clean up, king-sized valves drain quickly, so you can get back to the party.

150 quart crawfish boiler
  • 150 QT Boiler

    $799.00 150QT Boiler Front
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  • 90 QT Boiler

    $599.00 90QT Boiler Side View
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