Cart Boilers

Our cart style cookers are bigger and better than ever!

Faster Boil Time

Unique, patent-pending v-shaped QuickBoil Pot delivers efficient heating for faster boiling time as well as easy draining.

SureSpark™ Electronic Ignition

Offers simple, safe lighting without the need for matches.

Convenient Access

Patent-pending All-Access Chute on lid reduces heat loss, limits splashing when adding spices, and doubles as a funnel to make dumping food easier.

Easy Draining

3-position strainer basket maneuvers over the pot for draining, cleanup and dumping.

Cleans Up Fast

King-sized 1.5″ drain valve delivers faster draining and cleanup.
Comfort grip wheel-barrow style handles provide easy mobility.

The LoCo cart style cookers can cook up to…

Crawfish Kit

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  • 90 QT Boiler

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  • 150 QT Boiler

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