Backyard Parties Call for Heavy-Duty Pots

How epic will your party be?

Fully loaded with tons of great features, like the handy patent pending Twist & Drain™ system for simplified cooking and draining, LoCo boiling pots are designed to get you cooking and back to the party. Available in sizes from 30 QT to 100 QT, all include a cooking pot, basket, lift hook and lid with built-in patent pending Lid Assist hook. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, these pots will stand up from celebration to celebration.

  • 100 QT Pot – Cook up to 55 lbs of food
  • 80 QT Pot – Cook up to 45 lbs of food
  • 60 QT Pot – Cook up to 35 lbs of food
  • 30 QT Combo Boil/Fry/Steam Pot  – Cook up to 15 lbs of food

Simplified Cooking & Draining

Handy patent-pending Twist & Drain™ system allows the basket to nest while cooking and rest over the pot for easy draining.

Built to Last

Heavy-duty aluminum pot and basket provide lasting quality.

Designed for Convenience

Patent-pending integrated Lid Assist allows you to hang the lid on the side of the pot for safekeeping, while custom handles make carrying convenient.


Sure-fit lid keeps temperatures high

Keep the heat rolling as you boil with a lid designed to fit securely on the top of your pot.

Convenient patent pending Lid Assist hooks to pot

Integrated lid hook allows you to hang the lid on the side of the pot for safekeeping (patent pending).

Exclusive patent pending Twist & Drain™ strainer system locks basket into place

The patent pending Twist & Drain design features strategically placed lips to hold the basket above the pot while draining and nested in the pot while cooking.

Handy lift hook makes draining safe and easy

Designed to keep your hands away from the heat, balanced hooks fit neatly onto the basket handle while the inverted triangle top makes for handy lifting.

Portable basket transfers food quickly from pot to table

After draining, the basket handle is cool enough for you to transport your haul from the pot to a table or cooler—or wherever you choose.

Contoured pot handles for carrying comfort

Custom contoured handles mean you can comfortably carry a pot chock full of crawfish.

Heavy-duty pot and basket lasts party after party

Both the pot and basket are constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum for quality that lasts.

Right-sized lid handle plays well with paddles

Shaped to fit most stir paddle blades, the lid handle makes it easy to use a paddle to safely uncover your pot while hot.

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