Get Cooking, Fast

Whether you’re boiling up a crawfish feast or frying the catch of the day, LoCo outdoor cooking stands are designed to heat up on the double. The line includes a stand with stainless-steel burner housing that brings water to a boil in 20 minutes flat* and a fryer stand that burns more efficiently than any other on the market. Both are built to handle the toughest outdoor conditions and your craziest parties.

Withstands the Elements

Stainless-steel burner resists corrosion, while the burner shield protects the flame from the wind.

Crank Up the Heat

Powerful stainless-steel jet burners speed up boiling & cooking times.

Built to Last Icon

Built to Last

Sturdy, all-welded 4-leg stand offers maximum durability. *cooking times can vary depending on wind and weather conditions

Get the Party Started


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