36 QT Propane Turkey Fryer


  • SmartValve automatically kills the flame when temps get too high to prevent overheating.
  • Exclusive, no-hold Twist & Drain™ system locks basket into place above the pot while draining and nested in the pot while cooking.
  • Powerful 54,000 BTU heat output heats up quickly so you can get frying and back to the celebration.
  • Heavy-duty pot and basket are constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum for quality that lasts
  • Convenient Lid Assist hooks to the side of the pot for safekeeping (patent pending).
  • Custom countered handles mean you can comfortably carry the pot—bird and all.
  • Includes a clip-on 12″stainless steel thermometer to monitor the temperature of your oil.
  • Lifting hook makes draining safe and easy.

Size 36 QT Contains everything you need to prepare your turkey with ease this holiday season. The all-in-one kit includes a frying pot, basket with patent-pending Twist & Drain technology, lift hook, lid with built-in patent-pending Lid Assist hook, 54,000 BTU burner stand with SmartValve technology, and 12″ stainless steel thermometer.

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