Buffalo Blue Cheese Smoked Cream Cheese

Buffalo Blue Cheese Smoked Cream Cheese

Nothing beats the pairing of smoked cream cheese with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. If you love hot wings with tons of creamy blue cheese, this may just be your NEW favorite appetizer.

Recipe by: Robyn Lindars



1 8 oz block of cream cheese 

1 tbsp all purpose BBQ Rub

1 cup franks red hot sauce

1 cup blue cheese or gorgonzola cheese, crumbled (or more to taste)

Crackers or pork rinds (if doing low carb) for dipping

1 mini skillet (this is the one I used) or disposable loaf pan


Add charcoal to the LoCo Kettle, then set the grill temp to 300 degrees. Once the coals are ready for cooking, add plenty of wood chips to create smoke. Add the place setter (fully closed) onto the grill and then put the grill grates in place (on top of the place setter). Once the grill gets to temp and wood chips begin to smoke it’s time to put your cream cheese onto the grill. Place the block of cream cheese in the mini skillet and then sprinkle with your favorite all purpose BBQ rub. Place the skillet onto the LoCo kettle and let the cream cheese absorb smoke flavor from the grill for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, add the hot sauce and blue cheese and then let it smoke for an additional 10-15 minutes or until the blue cheese has begun to melt.  Once the blue cheese has begun to melt and the ingredients start to combine, remove the skillet from the grill. Place the hot skillet on a pot holder and put out your favorite crackers OR pork rinds and tell friends and family to dig in! Trust me when I tell you, this dip will be gone in a hurry! 

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