Bring Them to the Table

Designed with details to make frying easy, so you can enjoy time with friends and family.

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This is Your Reason to Celebrate

LoCo crawfish cookers get you cooking fast, so you can kick off your celebration in a snap.

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Accessories for Lasting Celebrations

From marinade injectors to premium frying gloves, LoCo accessories take your turkey from prep to table with ease.

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Smart Temp Control for Added Safety

Specially designed temperature control SmartValve automatically switches off when temps get too high to prevent overheating.

Twist & Drain™

Patent-pending system allows the basket to rest in place for hands-free draining.

Lid Assist

Patent-pending feature that provides a place to hang the lid when not in use.

Crank Things Up with the LoCo Crawfish Boiler

25-Minute Boil Time

Powerful patent pending dual jet burners and unique V-shaped QuickBoil pot focus the heat to dramatically reduce boil time.*

Easy Draining

Handy 3-position strainer basket suspends above the boiler for simple draining.

Fast, Easy Cleanup

King-sized drain valve on the bottom of the pot makes draining and cleanup quick and effortless, down to every last drop.

Convenient Access

Ingenious All-Access patent pending Chute on lid reduces heat loss, limits splashing when adding spices, and doubles as a funnel to make dumping crawfish easier.

*Boil times can vary greatly depending on wind and temperature.

Epic Lowcountry Boil in a Box

Crank Up the Heat

Powerful heat output with 5 PSI regulator quickly brings water to boil, so you can get cooking and back to the party.

Simplified Cooking & Draining

Handy patent-pending Twist & Drain™ system allows the basket to nest while cooking and rest over the pot for easy draining.

Withstands the Elements

Heavy-duty aluminum pot and basket provide lasting quality while the powder-coated stand resists corrosion.

Get the Party Started

All LoCo Crawfish Cookers are backed by our Life of the Party Guarantee.

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Cook Faster. Party Longer.

A crawfish boil is a gathering of family and friends.

A reason to celebrate. It’s a party made up of equal parts crawfish, beer, music and laughter. No stranger to this culture, we designed the LoCo Crawfish Cookers to embody this way of life. Built with performance and convenience in mind, our cookers make cooking easy, so you can enjoy the party!

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