Costra Breakfast Tacos

Costra Breakfast Tacos


Costra Breakfast Tacos - cooked on a Griddle

Why use a traditional flour or corn tortilla when you can griddle cheese to make an even more delicious version. This breakfast cooked outside on the Loco Griddle is fun and tasty! 

Steak Ingredients:


    Prepare your griddle
    Set the griddle at 350 or medium heat. Increase temperature as you cook if you feel the need. I always like to start with a lower temperature, so my food doesn't get away from me.

    Create the "taco shells"
    Create circular piles of shredded cheese on the griddle in the size of the "tortilla" you are looking for. I usually go on the smaller side as it makes flipping easier unless you have a huge spatula. Griddle for 6 minutes or so depending on the temperature of your griddle surface. 4-5 mins in to the cook I start to work my spatula underneath the cheese all around the tortilla so I can spin it around. The video above illustrates how to do this technique. Cook it to your desired consistency. Remove and place on butcher paper or a towel to remove the grease. 

    Cook the breakfast
    This part is not so much of a recipe as it is an instruction on timing. I cook my bacon first because I want to cook the hash browns in that bacon grease afterwards. I prefer to griddle bacon over medium heat at most. I find that slowly griddled bacon is the best. When it's done, remove.

    Cook your eggs on a separate part of the griddle avoiding the messy bacon grease. This keeps your eggs clean. I go with scrambled eggs, but fried works great as well. I usually add milk to my scramble as well as shredded cheese and I season with Voodoo. Remember, your tortillas are cheese so you may not choose to add cheese.

    Lastly I cook my hash browns in the leftover bacon grease on a slightly higher temperature because I like some crust on my potatoes. Cook 6-8 mins on one side, then flip and repeat on the other side. Then toss to your liking.

    Build the tacos
    There is no right or wrong way to build a taco. In the video above I stacked hash browns, bacon, eggs, then salsa. 




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