Sous Vide + Griddled Steak

Sous Vide + Griddled Steak


Like I always say there are a lot of ways to skin a cat when it comes to cooking. That is especially true with steak. We have recipes & videos on this website on how to grill steaks over an open fire, reverse sear steaks, etc. However, in this video we will use a very popular restaurant technique using a circulator to get the meat very tender and then a griddle to sear to get an awesome crust on the steak.



Prepare your Sous Vide & Griddle

Prepare your sous vide circulator at a temperature of 129 degrees.

Prepare your griddle (or cast iron) at 500+ during the sous vide.

Prepare Steak

Season the steak with Meat Church Holy Cow + Garlic & Herb. You can certainly just use Holy Cow, but this is a combination my family enjoys.

Vacuum seal the steaks. This can be done in a ziplock bag as an alternative, but you will need a weighted object to keep the bag from floating in the water bath. Allow the seasoning to adhere in the bag for at least 30 minutes.

Prepare Steak

Cook the Steak

Prepare your circulator (sous vide) at a temperature of 129 degrees. Drop the steaks into the water bath and cook for 90 for a 1" steak or 120 minutes for 1.5-2" steaks. 

Near the end of the steak cook, prepare your griddle (or cast iron pan, etc) for 500 degrees plus.

Remove the steaks from the water bath. Open the bag and pat the steaks completely dry. The steaks must be dry in order to sear.

Cook the Steak

Place your steak on the 500 degree (+) dry griddle for one minute per side. I like to use a burger press to weight the steak down to get a maximum crust and sear.

Oil or butter can also be used, but when you are searing over 500 the oil will pop and the butter will burn quickly. 

Alternatively you can sear at a lower temp with butter and herbs but that is not what we are doing in this Sous Vide + Griddle Steak video this time.

Remove the steak from the griddle. Top with butter.

Slice as soon as the butter has melted. Top with coarse salt and enjoy!

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