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5 Piece Griddle Tool Set

5 Piece Griddle Tool Set

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Everything you need for firing up the perfect meal on your LoCo griddle and keeping it clean after! Made from heavy duty, high quality, built to last materials, the 5 Piece Griddle Tool Set includes:

  • Two 5” Spatulas
  • Scraper
  • 2 Squirt Bottles
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Built to Last

Designed to withstand celebration after celebration; and from prep to table, we’ve got boiling, frying – and any other cooking accessory you can think of – to make your life easier – so you can focus on enjoying time with your guests and having a cold brew!

Dish-Up a Feast

Generous stainless-steel scoop and sturdy crawfish serving platters can handle everything from pounds of crawfish to ice.

Quick and Easy Cleanup

All the LoCo boil and frying accessories rinse off easily with just a little soap and water. Outlasts the Party Durable stainless-steel, heavy-duty plastic and solid wood lends strength and durability to withstand celebration after celebration.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Locally or nationally, we would love for communities everywhere to share the LoCo experience. Learn more about our brand ambassador program here.


Customer Reviews

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Changed to two 3" spatulas.

Ordered this from Home depot. received it only to find out it doesnt come with a 5" any longer.